Spring Vendor Spotlight! Chyann Ratzlaff with “Calming Creations!”

We are delighted to welcome back Chyann Ratzlaff with Calming Creations to the Canton Spring Market Hop on April 29 from 9-3!

Chyann will be offering a splendid variety of calming sensory bottles and other sensory calming items. They are great for someone who has SPD, anxiety, adhd and autism. She also has other gadgets for sensory seekers, used to divert from chewing on clothing, hands, pencils, and other items. In addition, she has a few fidget items which are extremely popular with kids.

Chyann will be located in the main building and might have the Tiny Hidden Treasure calming down among the fidgets, so be on the lookout for it while shopping with her!

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